antique "long chaise", lamp, sofa, dining table, sofa, arm chairs, pedestal and cabinet in

Victorian age furniture

1689 - 1702

The Victorian age of the United Kingdom was the period of Queen Victoria's reign from 20 June 1837 until her death on 22 January 1901. The Victorian age coincided with the Belle Époque Europe and the Gilded Age of the United States.
The Victorian age furniture draws its influence from gothic forms with heavy proportions, dark finish, elaborate carving, and ornamentation. Victorian age furniture has a strong Rococo and Louis XV influence. Exaggerated curves, lush upholstery and decorative carvings are featured.
Samuel Pratt patented in 1828 the coiled spring for use in upholstery. To accommodate the springs in chairs, upholstery on seat had to be improved in quality and seats were made deeper. This meant that chair legs became shorter.
The early part of this period, machines beginning to replace hand labour in furniture production.
Iron also made its appearance in the early Victorian furniture style.
The factories had changed, the designers of Victorian age no longer had direct contact with the customer.
Mahogany and rosewood were the woods of choice with oak (usually stained dark) making something of a comeback from the depths of time.
Tables had often marble tops.

"long chaise" Victorian style lamp Victorian style sofa Victorian style dinning table sofa and arm chairs pedestal Victorian style

1867, ebony Victorian cabinet walnut dining table        



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Victorian furniture style "long chaise"

Victorian style "Long Chaise"

Victorian furniture style lamp

Victorian style Lamp

Victorian furniture style sofa

Victorian style Sofa

Victorian furniture style dinning table

Victorian style Dinning Table

Victorian furniture style sofa and arm chairs

Victorian style Sofa and Arm Chairs

Victorian furniture style pedestal

Victorian style Pedestal

Victorian furniture style cabinet, ivory inlaid ebony, 1867

Victorian style Ivory inlaid cabinet in ebony, 1867

Victorian furniture style walnut dining table

Victorian style Walnut dining table


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